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Aircraft: Beechcraft Baron

The B58 Baron is one of the most popular business and executive charter aircraft in Australia. It is also one of the fastest aircraft of its type in Australia, and is comfortable and economical aircraft for short charters. It can deliver you into major airports or take you into remote unsealed bush and mining strips with the same ease.

The 137-cubic-foot cabin features four seats in a club configuration. The cabin is configurable to fit your needs for legroom, large baggage or cargo.


  • Number in Ausjet Fleet: 2
  • Passenger Seats: Up to 5
  • Range: 700nm + / 1,260 Km +
  • Crew: 1 or 2
  • Cruising Speed: 180 Knots + / 324 Kmph +
  • Cabin Type: Non-pressurised
  • Baggage Capacity: Forward / Rear Lockers
  • Galley: No

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